Kedarnath, one of the eminent pilgrimage destination of Chardham Yatra is making new records in the year 2019. Till 12th June 2019, the number of pilgrims reaching Kedarnath was 5,62,200. Another chapter has been added in the history of Kedarnath Yatra. On 23rd July 2019, the number of passengers reaching Kedarnath has crossed 8 Lac. This is the highest footfall in the history of Kedarnath Yatra and there are still 3 months left for the Yatra season which means the number of pilgrims is expected to reach or cross 10 Lac.

Kedarnath Dham Yatra

This year the doors of Kedarnath Shrine were opened on 9th May and in the first week the Dham experienced a number of devotees. By the end of May, the number of pilgrims reaching Kedarnath was around 30 thousand per day. As a result, the Kedarnath Temple Committee had to increase the time of Darshan. Not just this, but the temples gates were kept open for the entire night.

However, with the onset of the monsoon season, the count of pilgrims in Kedarnath was declined. Despite the bad weather conditions, the enthusiasm of the devotees did not diminish and the count of pilgrims started to increase with the Hindu Shravan month. For this reason, 8 Lac and 640 pilgrims have already visited Baba Kedar till 23rd July 2019.

Data of Pilgrims Visiting Kedarnath Prior to Flash Flood of 2013

Looking back to the year 2013, the flash flood caused massive destruction which led to the decline in the number of pilgrims for a few years. Reason being, the disaster haunted the locals as well as the pilgrims which stopped them from visiting the Kedarnath Dham. If you take a look at the data of pilgrims visiting the Kedarnath Shrine prior to the flash flood, the count was not more than 6 lacs throughout the season.

The executive officer of Kedarnath Temple Committee, NP Jamloki points out, the figure of pilgrims reaching Kedarnath in the year 2011 and 2012 was 5.70 Lac and 5.72 Lac respectively.

However, in the year 2018, 7.32 Lac pilgrims reached for worshipping Baba Kedar. And the year 2019 has set a new record and continue to increase in the coming days. This is no less than a great achievement.

Data of Pilgrims Reaching Kedarnath Yatra in the Last 10 Years

Year Number of Pilgrims
2010 399697
2011 570081
2012 572513
2013 312201
2014 40832
2015 154430
2016 309746
2017 471235
2018 732241
2019 801640 (Till 23rd July)

This was all about Kedarnath Shrine making new records of the highest footfall in the year 2019. If you haven’t visited the Kedarnath Dham yet, and looking for assistance in planning your pilgrimage tour, then we are just a call away.

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